Hannah Ramsay

Hannah Ramsay M.Ost (Hons)
Principal Osteopath
– Structural and Cranial Osteopathy, Paediatric Osteopathy, Pre and Post Natal Osteopathy, Infant Feeding Coach, Sports Injury Rehabilitation and Kinesiology taping.

I set up Abshot Osteopathy as my own practice in August 2020. Previously I worked as part of a multi-disciplinary team at Stubbington Natural Health and was also the Men’s 1st X1  Osteopath at Fareham Hockey Club and provided pitch side and rehabilitation support for just over 2 years.

​I qualified in 2016 with a first class Master’s Degree from the European School of Osteopathy. I really love meeting and treating people of all ages and like to work with babies, children, adults and older people to make the very best of their physical condition and ability. I have a particular interest in treating headaches and work related neck pain as well as sports injury rehabilitation and will guide you through a recovery programme of specific osteopathic treatment and supporting exercise and stretches.

My aim is to provide you with an holistic approach to your specific and individual needs and Abshot Country Club, with its gym and pool, provides an environment for us to help you do that. There are Personal Trainers and Yoga and Pilates classes which you could access alongside my treatment to support your on-going well-being should you wish to do so.

I’m really proud of how far we have come at Abshot Osteopathy, in the last 3 years we have gown to a team of 5 therapists offering a wide range of differing specialisms. At Abshot Osteopathy we are very careful to ensure you are seen by the practitioner who would suit you best.

I have recently set up a second practice in Weymouth and spread my time between Abshot Osteopathy and my Practice in Weymouth too.

In my spare time I love all things water sports, skiing and snowboarding. and walking my Golden Retriever Murphy