Paediatric Osteopathy


Birth can sometimes become a stressful process for both mother and baby. When all goes to plan the baby’s body is well adapted to deal with the stresses and forces during normal labour, and natural processes such as breathing, crying and suckling all help the baby in their early development.
However, sometimes a baby may need a helping hand to ease the dramatic transition from life inside the womb to the outside world.


Stresses and strains from the labour, whether due to a long labour, the use of forceps/ventouse, particularly fast births and also during the pregnancy itself can cause infants to have some musculoskeletal strains and tensions, which may make them uncomfortable. This may lead your baby to present with:

  • Excessive crying or unsettled behaviour
  • Difficulty feeding and winding 
  • Problems with digestion and bowel movements
  • Disturbed sleeping
  • Adopting a particular posture
  • An Osteopath is able to assess your baby’s body and these presentations and either treat, advise  or refer where appropriate. In babies and children, it is particularly important to pay attention to the body, not only for immediate help with distress and unease, but to encourage optimum health for a lifetime.

Relieving any physical strains with gentle osteopathic treatment can be very helpful and relaxing. Gentle techniques will be tailored to your child’s’ needs and I make every effort to explain what is happening throughout.  Happy, healthy and settled babies lead to a much more pleasant experience for the whole family.

Older Children

As children grow they face many challenges, many of which affect the body. Imbalances and tension may result in a child suffering from a range of conditions such as:

  • Postural aches and pains
  • Joint and muscle pains
  • An inability to relax

Osteopathic treatment can help with restoring balance and therefore make your child more comfortable. Most children enjoy treatment, it can be a useful way to help a child gain body awareness and, furthermore, treatment can help educate them early about how look after themselves.

School Children and Teenagers

In school children, problems might arise though hunching over a laptop or desk, sitting still for long periods or through carrying heavy bags to and from school. This combined with rapid growth spurts can predispose:

  • Spinal asymmetry
  • Postural fatigue
  • Growth related bone pain
  • Anxiety and headaches

In addition, some children may suffer with sports or other injuries. I can help your child to reduce those strains and aim to develop strategies with your child to help prevent them from recurring, leaving more energy to live life to the fullest.

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