Headaches – cranial and structural Osteopathy treatments.

What is a cranial osteopathy – and how effective is it for tension headaches?

You may have heard of “cranial osteopathy” and think a “cranial” osteopath is an osteopath who only deals with problems regarding the “cranium” or head, or that if they are suffering from conditions such as tension headaches that they need to see a cranial osteopath rather than a regular osteopath.
Cranial osteopathy can feel very relaxing for the recipient in much the same as reflexology can be. For some patients, particularly the very young, cranial osteopathy may be an appropriate and effective technique, however patients with conditions such as tension headaches who are exclusively treated with cranial osteopathy may be missing out on more effective forms of manual therapy that directly address the precise source of their pain, such as referred pain from the neck joints or “Trigger Points” in the neck / shoulder muscles.
As an Osteopath with particular interest in treatment of migraines and tension headaches I may use a combination of both cranial and structural Osteopathy to treat patients depending on their individual presentation.

Hannah Ramsay
H B Osteopathy

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