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Foot and Ankle pain

Ankle and Foot Pain

Did you know?
One quarter of your bones are in your feet! 

Ankle and foot pain can occur at any age for a multitude of reasons. It is probably most common however in sports people, especially those who do a lot of running. This is due to repeated high impact through the feet and ankles, a tendency for tight calf muscles and increased likelihood of ankle sprains due to awkward landings.
Unsupportive and constricting footwear, especially amongst women is also a common cause of foot pain. High heels place immense strain on the calf muscles (as well as the lower back and hips), while flat shoes or flip flops provide inadequate support to the foot arches.

Common Causes of Ankle or Foot Pain

  • Plantar fasciitis leading to pain on the sole of the foot and/or heel pain. This can be due to overuse (eg. running), increased weight (eg. pregnancy) or unsupportive footwear (eg flip flops, flat-soled shoes).
  • Sprained ankle due to awkward landing, pre-existing ankle injury or hypermobility.
  • Achilles tendinopathy due to overuse, excessive stretching, foot over or under-pronation.
  • ‘Wear and tear’ of the foot joints due to osteoarthritis.
  • Unsupportive or constricting footwear (eg flip flops, flat-soled shoes, pointed, high-heels).
  • Referred pain, cramps or ‘pins & needles’ from the lower back.

How can Osteopathy Help with Ankle or Foot Pain?

An Osteopath can assess what is causing your ankle or foot pain. We can provide treatment and advice for all of the conditions above. Treatment may include massage, joint mobilisation, stretching and advice on exercises to do at home. As well as treating the foot and ankle directly, we may also work on the hips, knees pelvis and the back, if assessment reveals contributing factors in those areas. 

When Is Osteopathy Not Suitable?

Ankle and foot pain may be caused by something that is not suitable for osteopathic treatment, in which case we would refer you on to a specialist. Examples include: cardiovascular problems, inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or gout, fractures or congenital bony anomalies.
If you need any further advice or would like to arrange an appointment please call 07908 415376
Hannah Ramsay

Osteopathy Treatment during Pregnancy

What to expect.

To begin with your practitioner will take a detailed case history of your presenting symptoms, your medical history and some questions surrounding your pregnancy and what you are looking to achieve from the treatment. We will then run though an examination of the area where you are experiencing pain and any global postural patterns.

Treatment usually consists of massage mobilisation and sometimes where appropriate manipulation.

Keeping you and your bump safe and comfortable

Pregnancy Pillow

Our aim is to keep you and your baby as comfortable as possible whilst we deliver our treatment. We often will use a pregnancy pillow, this can be seen in the photograph to the right. We make sure you are supported on your front and that your bump is not being restricted in any way or touching the couch below. This can be a very comfortable position to receive treatment.  

Side laying

Side laying is more useful for some Osteopathic techniques as it allows the body to move in away that just isn’t achievable when you are lying prone. We use pillows placed between your knees and under your bump to make sure you are supported and comfortable. 

Sometimes we will work with you laying on your back especially when working on your neck and shoulders but the couch is usually propped up at around 45 degrees and we check regularly to make sure you are feeling well and comfortable throughout the session, however if this isn’t working for you most of these techniques can be done in a seated position too. 

Treatment is always adapted for you as an individual and we plan our treatment techniques to suit you and your pain presentation. This being said, if you would specifically like massage techniques using the pregnancy pillow please let your practitioner know and we will use it providing it is safe and comfortable to do so.